Open Source Software (OSS) are influencing almost all fields of human activity. The field of Library and Information Science (LIS) integrates several OSS for meeting various library services and functions. OSS bring new roles and avenues for library professionals in collecting, preserving and disseminating knowledge. Currently the OSS applications in library field are mainly concentrated on Integrated Library Systems (ILS) and Institutional Repositories/ Digital Libraries/Electronic Theses and Dissertations (IRs/DLs/ETDs). While Koha is widely used for ILS, the OSS like DSpace, Eprints, Fedora and Greenstone are used for building IRs/DLs and ETDs. Libraries build IRs/DLs as an electronic system that captures, preserves and provides access to digital materials produced by the members of an institution. The digital materials include articles, reports, news items, presentations, audio and video files, images etc. ETDs are specifically designed for providing access to digital theses. Among various OSS for IRs/DLs/ETDs, DSpace occupies an important position with largest number of installations across the globe. As on February 2014, DSpace has more than 1600 installations.
Dspace ( ) has been developed jointly by MIT Libraries and HP labs. DSpace incorporates digital asset management system and helps to create, index and retrieve various forms of digital contents.  DSpace is adaptable to various needs of Libraries and Information Centres and maintains in-built interoperability programs for application between various systems. It adheres to international standards for metadata. 

The creation, customization and maintenance of a DSpace system in an institution are not an easy task. It requires proper education and training preferably from experienced hands. The organization of workshops and training programmes offers valuable contributions in the learning process. The proposed workshop is planned to provide Lecture as well as intensive hands on training to the participants by experts to impart the essential theoretical and practical knowledge for building IRs/DLs/ ETDs by their own using DSpace software. The Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) has already established a Digital Library ( using DSpace Software.


1. To provide background knowledge of the Institutional Repositories/Digital Libraries/ETDs
2. Introduce projects based on DSpace done worldwide
3. OSS and Libraries with detailed study on DSpace
4. To offer hands on experience in using Dspace Software
5. Installation and customization of DSpace
6. Digital document development
7. Uploading documents, creation of metadata and digital preservation


1. G. Santhosh Kumar,M-Tech,PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Cochin University of Science and Technology. (DSpace Ambassador for South India).
2. Vinod Kumar P P , Assistant Professor, Division of Computer Science, School of Engineering, CUSAT.
3. Surendran Cherukodan, Junior Librarian, School of Engineering, CUSAT.


Library Professionals, Information Scientists, Computer Professionals from Universites,Colleges and other AICTE recognized institutions. Applications will be considered on a first-come-first served basis. Interested applicants may contact the coordinators regarding their eligibility before applying. No TA/DA will be paid to the participants.


Interested applicants may register online through A hard copy of the acknowledgement along with the registration fee and an endorsement from the competent person of their institution/organization to the effect that the applicant if selected will be allowed to participate in the workshop for the entire period is to be sent by the applicants.