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Research Projects Completed/Ongoing Year Title Funding Organisation Amount
1 1985 The Nature & Engg. Behaviour of Cochin Marine Clays DST 8.37 lakhs
Dr.Benny Mathews Abraham (C.I)
2 1989 Creation of Infrasture in the area of Environmental Engineerin MHRD 10 lakhs
Dr.Benny Mathews Abraham (C.I)
3 2002 The role of sulphate reduction in anaerobic treatment of sulphate containing wastewater AICTE 8 lakhs
Dr.Renu Pawels (PI)
4 2004 Study on rock waste filling in Gabion Retaining Walls. KSCSTE 2.2 lakhs
Dr.Beena K.S (PI)
5 2004 Improvement of teaching & Networking facility in Department of Civil DST 10 Lakhs
Dr.Benny Mathews Abraham (P.I)
6 2005 Study on Use of Coir Bhoovastra in Pavements Coir Board of India 9.75 lakhs
Dr.Beena K.S (PI)
7 2005 Modernization of survey laboratory AICTE 5 lakhs
Dr.Benny Mathews Abraham (P.I)
8 2007 Grouting An Economical Method for Effective Utlization of Water Resources and for Improvement of Foundation Soils AICTE 7.05 lakhs
Dr.Benny Mathews Abraham(P.I)
9 2007 Harvested rainwater quality in urban peri- urban and industrial areas and post harvest technology AICTE 5.5 lakhs
Dr.Roy M Thomas (P.I), Dr.Sobha Cyrus (C.I)
10 2007 Behavior of shear critical RC beams reinforced with GFRP AICTE- Career award for young teachers 10.5 lakhs
Dr.Job Thomas (P.I)
11 2008 Behaviour of deep beams reinforced with fiber reinforced plastic bars DST-SERC 15.24 lakhs
Dr.Job Thomas (P.I)
12 2011 Optimization, and Standardization of Coir Geotextile for Promotion of Coir Geotextile in National and International Markets National Coir Research and Management Institute, Govt. of Kerala 13.79 lakhs
Dr.Beena K.S (PI), Dr.Subha V (CI)
13 2013 Biodrying Process- A sustainable technology for solid waste management KSCSTE 12.8 lakhs
Dr.Renu Pawels (PI)-ongoing
14 2013 An investigation of the suitability of recycled coarse aggregate in structural concrete KSCSTE 13.7 lakhs
Dr.Glory Joseph (C.I)-ongoing
15 2014 Study on the influence of corrosion inhibitors in concrete exposed to high temperature KSCSTE 14.8
Dr.Job Thomas (C.I) –ongoing

Seed Money Research Project Year Name of Investigator Title of Project Amount and Funding agency
Funding agency
1 2013-14 Dr.Glory JosephMarine Clays Mechanical and Durability Characteristics of Latex Modified Concrete 0.5 Lakhs
TEQIP Phase II (utilization certificate submitted)
2. 2013-14 Dr.Deepa G Nair Engineerin Potential of Construction and Demolition waste as a buiding Material 0.5 Lakhs
TEQIP Phase II (utilization certificate submitted)
3 2013-14 Dr.Job Thomas Characterisation and use of artificial aggregate in concrete 0.5 Lakhs
TEQIP Phase II (utilization certificate submitted)
4 2013-14 Ramadss S Experimental Investigation on the shear strength of GFRP reinforced concrete Beams 0.5 lakhs
TEQIP Phase II (utilization certificate submitted

Research areas
  • Ground Improvement

  • Grouting

  • Geosynthetics and Geotextiles

  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

  • Landslides Stabilization

  • Influence of Organic Matter on Characteristics of Clays

  • Water Resource Engineering

  • Biodiversity of water body

  • Sustainable Technology for solid waste management

  • Biological nutrient removal for wastewater

  • Membrane bioprocess for wastewater treatment

  • Modeling and Control of Environmental Hazards

  • Treatment of industrial waste water

  • Environmental Management

  • Adsorption of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution

  • Sustainable Construction Materials & Sustainable Housing

  • High Performance and Special Concretes

  • Geopolymer Concrete

  • Deep Beams

  • Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

PhD Degree from Division of Civil Engineering (2010-16) Title of the PhD thesis Name of candidate Name of Research Guide Date of viva - voce / award
1 Studies on the quality of rain water at various land use locations and variations by interaction with domestic rainwater harvesting system Sri. Roy M. Thomas Prof. Benny Mathews Abraham 20.03.2010
2 A Study on the Water Retention Characteristics of Soils and their Improvements Smt. Mariamma Joseph Prof. Babu T. Jose 01.08.2011
3 Anaerobic Reactor Development for Complex Organic Wastewater Sri. Ajit Haridas Prof. Babu T. Jose 09.08.2011
4 A Study on the Engineering Behaviour of Grouted Loose Sandy Soils Sri. Santhoshkumar T.G Prof. Benny Mathews Abraham 26.08.2011
5 Influence of additives on the charactaristics of stone matrix asphalt Smt. Bindu C.S Prof. K.S. Beena 12.10.2012
6 A Study on the Utilisation of Plastic Wastes in Stabilised Masonry Blocks Sri. C.K. Subramania Prasad Prof. Benny Mathews Abraham 23.06.2014
7 A study on mitigating the effect of sulphates in lime stabilised Cochin marine clays Smt. Anitha G. Pillai Prof. Benny Mathews Abraham 16.02.2015
8 Studies on landfill leachate transportation and its impact on soil characteristics Smt. Meril George Prof. K.S. Beena 28.04.2015
9 A study on the performance of flexible pavements on mature soil subgrades Smt. Sreedevi B.G. Prof. Benny Mathews Abraham 15.05.2015

Consultancy Services Name of Consultancy Name of Consultant Sponsoring Agency/Client
1 Soil Investigation of Kannur International Airport Dr.Beena K.S. Cochin International Airport Limited
2 Testing of Soil Dr. Beena K.S., Dr.Sobha Cyrus Various Public and private Agencies
3 Testing of Water Samples Dr.RenuPawels, Mr. Arunkumar T.,Dr. Roy M Thomas Various Public and private Agencies
4 Testing of Highway materials.Mix design of Bituminous mixes. Bindu C.S Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.Kitco Ltd.,Hindustan Petroleum Company Ltd and other various agencies
5 Testing of Various Building Materials & Concrete Mix design Dr. DeepaBalakrishnan S., Dr.Glory Joseph, Dr.Job Thomas, Mr. Ramadass S. Navel Base , PWD, CPWD, KWA, Indian Railways, KITCO and Various Private agencies
6 Scrutiny of Structural design of proposed army welfare housing Organization (AWHO) turnkey project - Vaduthala Dr.Job Thomas Indian Army
7 Performance of Prefabricated timber I-Joist Dr.Job Thomas Safe Systems , Nochima
8 Strength and Behavior of Prestressed Electric poles to use as prefabricated beams Dr.Job Thomas Dr.Job Thomas Habitat Construction
9 Scrutiny of the Structural Design of the proposed Govt. Dist. Ayurveda Hospital Building at Kacheripady (Block III), Ernakulam Dr.Glory Joseph &Dr.DeepaBalakrishnan.S LSGD Division, Ernakulam
10 Vetting of the Structural Design of the proposed New International Arrival Block and Modification of existing ITB at Calicut Airport (2012-13) Dr.Glory Joseph &Dr.DeepaBalakrishnan.S KITCO Ltd, Kochi
11 Vetting of the Structural Design of the proposed Kannur International Airport (2014-16) Dr.Glory Joseph, Dr.Job Thomas &Dr.DeepaBalakrishnan.S KITCO Ltd, Kochi
12 Geotechnical Investigation for the Air strip at Bekal, Kasargod Dr. Beena K. S. Cochin International Airport Limited
13 Foundation Column modification for Suspension bridge at K. V. Jetty, Haripad Dr. Beena K. S. And Dr. Job Thomas Kerala Electrical and Allied Engineering Co.
14 Potential of Jarofix as a construction material for Roads and Embankments Dr. Beena K. S. Binani Zinc Ltd.
15 Fixing of Coir Geotextiles for roads and embankments Dr. Beena K. S. Coir Corporation limited