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Research Projects Under EE Division

The Division is actively engaged in research and has the following broad research groups:

Power & Energy Systems,

Industrial Power Electronics,

Communication Engineering,

Control System and Instrumentation,

These groups also promote interdisciplinary research that is in the domain of the faculty expertise. The advanced instrumentation and research facilities in laboratories in the Division are well maintained and regularly updated. Members of the faculty are actively involved in research activities and currently 22research scholars are working under the Division

Sl.No PhD. Problem/Topic Name of Research Scholar PhD. Supervisors PhD.Year
1 FEM Based virtual prototyping and design of third harmonic excitation system for low voltage brushless alternators. Jiji K S Dr. C A Babu 2015
2 Optimised operation of distributed renewable energy sources in smart grid C P Vineetha Dr. C A Babu 2016
3 Analysis and Design of a Single Stage Single Switch Power Factor Corrected Converter with High Input Power factor and Tight Output Voltage Regulation Bindu S.J Dr. C A Babu 2016

Research Scholars

Sl.No Name of Research Scholar Supervising Guide
1 Anand S R Dr. C A Babu
2 Bindu S J Dr. C A Babu
3 Bindumol E K Dr. C A Babu
4 Parvathy R Dr. Asha Elizabeth Daniel
5 Surya Susan Alex Dr. Asha Elizabeth Daniel
6 Arun Prasad K M Dr. Usha Nair
7 Athira M Dr. Asha Elizabeth Daniel
8 Deepa Sankar Dr. C A Babu
9 Joseph K D Dr. Asha Elizabeth Daniel
10 Rajani S H Dr. Usha Nair
11 Shaija P J Dr. Asha Elizabeth Daniel
12 Leena T Timothy Dr. Usha Nair
13 Rajeevan A K Dr. Usha Nair
14 PreethiSebastin Dr. Usha Nair
15 Prameela V Dr. Asha Elizabeth Daniel
16 Mangala Devi K T Dr. Asha Elizabeth Daniel
17 Swathi M Dr. C A Babu
18 Priya R Krishnan Dr. Sunilkumar N, CUCEK
19 Gireesh Kumar A Dr. C A Babu
20 Saritha K S Dr. Usha Nair
21 Sindhura Rose Thomas Dr. Usha Nair
22 Vinod V Nair Dr. Usha Nair