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Research Projects Under IT Division

Sl.No PhD. Problem/Topic PhD. Supervisors
1 1. Solving Hurdles in Implementing e-Governance in Public sector undertaking by Alphy method
2. Improvement of Data Security by enhancing Randomness of TDMRC code
3.Use of Hyperbola for Key Pair Generation in Public Key Data Encryption System
4. Defect Detection in Woven Fabric using Bit Plane slicing and Morphological Image Processing
5.Feature Detection and Extraction in Colour Funds Images of the Human Retina using Bit Plane Decomposition and Mathematical Morphology
6. An Efficient Mixed Mode-Paired Ciphertext Cryptography Algorithm based on Three Hard Mathematical Problems
Dr. Varghese Paul
2 1. Big-Data centric computing for Hadoop systems
2. Scheduling of Big-Data jobs with Cloud computing
3. Key management scheme for Adhoc Networks
4. Program slicing for Program testing
5. Byte code generation from UML models
6. UML activity model based code generation
7. Global software development metrics
Dr. Philip Samuel
3 1. Software Engineering
2. Software Reliability
3. Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Shelbi Joseph
4 1. Computing Education
2. Engineering Education
3. Software Engineering
4. Data Mining
Dr. Renumol V. G.
5 1. Biometric Applications and Big Data
2. Energy Efficient Optimal Communication
3. Image Annotation Retrieval System
4. Semantic Web And Ontology
Dr. Binsu C. Kovoor


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