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Department of Computer Science & Engineering


    Infrastructure Facilities

The division has allocated six classrooms for students for second, third and final year B.Tech students. One classroom has been dedicated for M.Tech students. Every classroom is equipped with multimedia projector. The M.Techv     classroom is also provided with a smart board. M.Tech students are provided with a well-equipped lab to carry out their lab work. School of Engineering also offers a library which has a rich collection of textbooks, reference books, national and international journals in all branches of Engineering, Science, Technology and the collection is ever increasing. The college library caters to the needs of UG, PG students, research scholars and also the teaching faculty.

Laboratory Facilities

  • Networking and Operating Systems Laboratory
  • Data Structures Laboratory
  • General Computing Laboratory
  • Project Laboratory
  • Microprocessor Laboratory

Other Facilities

  • Office of the Head
  • Faculty rooms for permanent staff- 6 nos
  • Faculty rooms for contract staff- 1 no

Reprographic Facilities

  • Photostat machine- 1 no
  • Flat bed scanner- 3 no

Internet Connectivity

50 Mbps available to teachers and students. Apart from this, the campus is connected to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) using one Gbps backbone connecting major institutions in India.The users get 150/100 Mbps download/upload bandwidth under this project. There is another 100MBps connection and the University also maintains 255MBps leased line internet connectivity to host the internet servers like Web, Mail, DNS etc and other public services