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  • Vision

    To create and disseminate knowledge and tools in intellectual areas at the interfaces between areas of engineering and other core areas of Applied Sciences and Humanities.

  • Mission

    Opening up research areas in the field of Applied Sciences and Humanities.

    Generating human resources expanding human knowledge and benefits to the society through education and research on fundamental and applied aspects of Science, Humanities, Engineering and Technology in a singularly collegial interdisciplinary atmosphere.

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About The Division of Applied Sciences and Humanities.

The Division of Applied Science was established with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Applied Science. The department offers a broad based undergraduate programme in applied science and engineering. State-of-Art computing facilities are provided by the department to empower students to meet with the cutting edge technologies. The department has all the amenities to provide necessary strengths to enable the Students to Innovate and become Entrepreneurs to serve the community.

Applied Science and Engineering division is committed to provide a supportive, friendly and challenging environment for teaching, learning and research.The division is strive to educate students as the next generation of engineers capable of becoming leaders in industry, government and academia. It is evident from the fact that all of our students get selected into topmost MNCs from campus placement itself and many of them opt for higher studies in world renowned institutes both in India and abroad.

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