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About SAIT

One of the oldest of such organization initiated and ran by the student’s community with interminable support from the teachers and staffs of the Division of Information Technology. Activities of the association includes workshops, seminars, various course-related classes, projects, department magazines etc. For the preceding years the association was able to host many introductory classes, hands on workshops about latest trends and possibilities in the field of Information technology, enabling the students to get a more career specific outlook.

Every year, the association bring out their magazine incorporating contributions from students. Literature, poems and drawings find wide acceptability for close to 200 copies would be printed for hard copy and numerous copies through mail system. Alumni meet, is something the associations looks out every year providing a bridge for the prevailing students to get a chance to interact with their seniors, it will be a bliss of emotional sharing for thoughts and experiences in the outside world, and this event is marked with a great attendance.

Various projects, technology related and if not are also undertaken by the association with the active cooperation from the students and teachers. It also runs an active information board at the department gateway helping students with course related and current advancements in this field. It also maintains a forum for students to give feedbacks and suggestions, most of which if can be implemented would be undertaken.