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PhD Degrees Awarded from School of Engineering under Faculty of Engineering Name of Candidate Title of the PhD thesis Name of Research Guide Name of co-guide, if any Date of viva–voce / award
1 Sri. Benny Mathews Abraham A Study of the Strength and Compressibility Characteristics Of Cochin Marine Clays Prof. Babu T. Jose - 12.05.1994
2 Smt. K.M. Lovely A study on the properties of grouting and control of permeability of grouted media Prof. Babu T. Jose - 19.12.1998
3 Smt. Aniamma Chacko A study of parameters affecting the compressibility characteristics of Cochin Prof. Babu T. Jose Dr. Benny Mathews Abraham 12.03.1999
4 Sri. V.H. Abdul Salam A critical study of major construction projects inKerala vis-a-vis effectiveness in project implementation Prof. Babu T. Jose - 18.10.2003
5 Smt. Soosan George T. Studies on the utilisation of quarry dust to improve the properties of subgrade soils. Prof. Babu T. Jose - 12.05.2004
6 Smt. Solly George Performance of marine clay as liner material in comparison with bentonite clay Prof. Babu T. Jose - 11.10.2004
7 Sri. M.N. Vinodkumar Study of influence of safety engineering and management practices in selected industries in Kerala Dr. M. Bhasi - 01.04.2006
8 Sri. M.M. Poulose Hydrodynamic Study of Swirling Fluidized Bedand the Role of Distributor Dr. V.N. Narayanan Namboothiri - 09.02.2007
9 Smt. Renu Pawels Biological sulphate reduction for treatment of sulphate containing wastewater Prof. Babu T. Jose - 22.01.2008
10 Sri. K.K. Babu Utilisation of Coir Geotextiles for Unpaved Roads and Embankments Dr. K.S. Beena - 28.01.2008
11 Sri. P.V. Shouri Effect of Improving Energy Efficiency on System Reliability Dr. P.S. Sreejith - 12.02.2008
12 Sri. Pramod V.R MQFD: A Model for Synergizing TPM and QFD Dr. Jagathy Raj - 07.06.2008
13 Sri. K.C. James Studies Using Computer Simulation Models to Solve Problems Related to Logistics Terminals Prof. M. Bhasi - 12.06.2008
14 Smt. Meera V.u Quality and Treatment of Roof-Harvested Rainwater Dr. Mansoor Ahmed - 03.06.2008
15 Sri. Rajesh V.G Recurrence Quantification Analysis of System Signals for Detecting Tool and Chatter in Turning Dr. V.N. Narayanan Namboothiri - 05.09.2008
16 Smt. Jayasree P.K Performance of Gabion Faced Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls Dr. K.S. Beena - 04.12.2008
17 Smt. Sobha Cyrus Studies on the Development and Control of Desiccation cracks in compacted clay liner soils Prof. Babu T. Jose - 15.05.2009
18 Smt. Deepa Balakrishnan Numerical Investigations on Soil Structure Interaction of Multistorey Frames Dr. C.G. Nandakumar - 15.05.2009
19 Smt. Usha Nair Permutation Entropy Based Analysis of Complex Signals for Characterising Change in System Dynamics Dr. V.N. Narayanan Namboothiri Dr. V.P.N. Nampoori 01.08.2009
20 Sri. Josephkutty Jacob Analysis of power systems compensated by series FACTS devices Prof. G. Madhu Prof. Paulose Jacob 12.08.2009
21 Smt. Jasmin E.A Reinforcement Learning Approaches to Power System Scheduling Dr. Jagathy Raj - 29.09.2009
22 Sri. G. Ajithkumar Analysis, modification, and evaluation of the cold flow properties of vegetable oils as base oil for industrial lubricants Prof. M. Bhasi - 20.02.2010
23 Sri. Roy M. Thomas Studies on the quality of rain water at variousland use locations and variations by interaction with domestic rainwater harvesting system Prof. Benny Mathews Abraham - 20.03.2010
24 Sri.Saju K.K. Characterization of hydrothermally annealed low temperature bioactive thin film coating of hydroxyapatite on TiAl6V4 Dr. P.S. Sreejith - 26.03.2010
25 Sri. Rajesh Cherian Roy Development of a new transform: MRT Prof. R. Gopikakumari - 09.06.2010
26 Smt. Babita Roslind Jose Design techniques of sigma-delta band ADC for wireless applications Dr. P. Mythili - 07.07.2010
27 Sri. Joseph Kunju Paul C. Influence of angle of air injection and particles in bed hydrodynamics of swirling fluidised bed Dr. P.S. Sreejith - 13.08.2010
28 Sri. Bhadran V. Development & implementation of visual approach and parallel distributed architecture for 2-D DFT & UMRT computation Prof. R. Gopikakumari - 10.12.2010
29 Sri. K.K. Babu Utilisation of Coir Geotextiles for Unpaved Roads and Embankments Dr. K.S. Beena - 28.01.2008
30 Smt. Meenakshy K. Development and implementation of a CAD system to predict the fragmentation of renal stones based on texture analysis of CT image Prof. R. Gopikakumari - 09.05.2011
31 Sri. Devi Prasad Varma. Studies on the fracture behaviour of polymer blends with special reference to PP/HDPE and PS/HIPS blends Dr. P.S. Sreejith Prof. K.E. George 02.08.2011
32 Sri. Ajit Haridas. Anaerobic Reactor Development for Complex Organic Wastewater Prof. Babu T. Jose - 09.08.2011
33 Sri. Santhoshkumar T.G A Study on the Engineering Behaviour of Grouted Loose Soils Prof. Benny Mathews Abraham - 09.08.2011
34 Sri. Rajesh M.V Development and Evaluation of Blind Identification Techniques for Nonlinear Systems Prof. R. Gopikakumari Dr. A. Unnikrishnan 26.09.2011
35 Sri. Renjith V.R Consequence modelling, vulnerability assessment and fuzzy fault tree analysis of hazardous storages in an industrial area Prof. G. Madhu - 28.10.2011
36 Sri. T.G. Ansalam Raj. Analysis and Optimization of Machining Process Using Evolutionary Algorithms Dr. V.N. Narayanan Nambootrhiri - 06.12.2011
37 Sri. Rajendran C. Techniques for Enhancing Wind EnergyGeneration - A CFD Based Multibody Dynamics Approach in Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines Prof. G. Madhu - 21.03.2012
38 Sri. Satheeshkumar K An Analysis of Work Related Stress Factor in Selected Industries in Kerala ,India Prof. G. Madhu - 06.06.2012
39 Sri. Premnath G. Qualitative air flow modelling and analysis of data centre air conditioning as multiple jet array Prof. G. Madhu - 24.07.2012
40 Sri. Paul A.J An Approach Towards The Development Of An Efficient Symmetric Key Encryption Scheme Dr. P. Mythili Prof. Paulose Jacob K. 01.10.2012
41 Sri. Mathews M. Paul Development and implementation of a CAD system to predict the fragmentation of renal stones based on texture analysis of CT image Prof. R. Gopikakumari - 09.05.2011
42 Smt. Bindu C.S Influence of additives on the charactaristics of stone matrix asphalt Prof. K.S. Beena - 12.10.2012
43 Sri. Jacob Elias Analysis of System Signals Based on Cross Recurrence Method for System Dynamics Characterization Dr. V.N. Narayanan Namboothiri - 18.01.2013
44 Sri. Thankachan T. Pullan Development of a system for concurrentproduct and process design for a machine tool factory Prof. M. Bhasi Prof. G. Madhu 15.02.2013
45 Sri. Praveen R.P Design, analysis and realization of zero-cogging permanent-magnet brushless DC motor for spacecraft applications Prof. Jagathy Raj V.P Prof. G. Madhu 06.03.2013
46 Sri. Sunilkumar K. Service quality and reliability assessment of mobile communication infrastructure Dr. P.S. Sreejith Dr. Jayadas N.H 23.04.2013
47 Smt. Bindu V. Development & evaluation of soft computing techniques for sensorless vector control of AC drives Prof. R. Gopikakumari Dr. A. Unnikrishnan 31.05.2013
48 Sri. Vinodkumar Jacob Characterization of human and instrument related measurement errors Prof. M. Bhasi Prof. R. Gopikakumari 05.08.2013
49 Sri. Hari V.S Design, Development and Realization of Quadratic Volterra Filters for Selected Applications Prof. Jagathy Raj V.P Prof. R. Gopikakumari 12.11.2013
50 Sri. Biju Augustine Influence Of Forecasting, Planning And Controlling On The Performance Of Small And Medium Enterprises Prof. M. Bhasi Prof. G. Madhu 22.11.2013
51 Sri. Praveensal C.J Modeling Of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders In Chemical Process Industry In India Prof. G. Madhu - 23.11.2013
52 Smt. Ushakumary E.R Waste Water Treatment Using Low Cost Natural Adsorbents Prof. G. Madhu - 08.04.2014
53 Sri. C.K. Subramania Prasad A Study On The Utilisation Of Plastic Wastes In Stabilised Masonry Blocks Prof. R. GopikakumariProf. Benny Mathews Abraham - 23.06.2014
54 Sri. A. Ramesh Assessment of Energy Conservation in Indian Cement Industry and Forecasting of Co2 Emissions Prof. G. Madhu - 23.09.2014
55 Smt. Bindhu B.K Influence of Major Operational Parameters on Aerobic Granulation for the Treatment of Wastewater Prof. G. Madhu - 30.09.2014
56 Smt. Anitha G. Pillai A study on mitigating the effect of sulphates in lime stabilised Cochin marine clays Prof. Benny Mathews Abraham - 16.02.20151
57 Smt. Meril George Studies on landfill leachate transportation and its impact on soil characteristics Prof. K.S. Beena - 28.04.2015
58 Smt. Sreedevi B.G. A study on the performance of flexible pavements on mature soil subgrades Prof. Benny Mathews Abraham - 15.05.2015